Mission Minute: A New Direction

Mission Minute: A New Direction

by Kathe Rae, Manager of Mission Integration and Volunteers

Six years ago, New Hope was in the process of transitioning from the St. Vincent system and one of the most important tasks at that time was the creation of mission and vision statements for New Hope of Indiana. Given New Hope’s long-term affiliation, the revised statements still encompassed the St. Vincent philosophy and a medically-based model of care. While those statements have served us well the last five years, recently the New Hope Board of Directors recommended both the mission and vision statements be revised and updated to better reflect how New Hope service delivery has changed and our direction for the future.

After much discussion and discernment, the Board approved the new mission and vision statements.

Our mission:

New Hope of Indiana is a leader in providing holistic services and resources to persons with disabilities and their families while advocating to advance the opportunities for those in need of support.

Our vision:

New Hope of Indiana will thrive as a mission-driven organization, living our core values and providing holistic services to persons with disabilities and those in need of support. We will be recognized as a community resource and a strong advocate in Indiana for persons with disabilities and their families. We will expand services offered to people of all ages to build a more inclusive community where all are welcomed, valued and living their best life. We will recognize our associates for their unwavering commitment to service every day and we will commit to provide them with resources to be successful both personally and professionally.

A mission statement is important as it identifies the purpose for an organization, while a vision statement sets out an organization’s aspirations and direction for the future. Each statement should reflect the organization’s core values. The Board of Directors also considered whether New Hope’s Core Values of Reverence, Service, Dedication, Integrity, Creativity and Wisdom should be changed. However, they felt strongly that the Core Values remain relevant and are truly the heart of New Hope. New Hope is a vibrant, compassionate and forward-thinking organization with a very bright today and tomorrow. We are so thankful for a committed Board of Directors, dedicated associates, the individuals we serve and their families and so many others who support our mission.

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