Mission Minute

Mission Minute

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by Kathe Rae, Manager of Mission Integration

“Where there is love, there is life.” This simple quote by Mahatma Ghandi shows how love is truly the essence of life. Everyone knows February is the month of love, not just in a romantic sense, but for our families, friends, coworkers/jobs and certainly, in the big picture, our fellow human beings. There is no question that love is abound at New Hope.

We are in the second month of our yearlong 40th Anniversary celebration, and so far, it has been a lot of fun and there is much more to come including the Birthday Party on March 13th. For February, our 40th Anniversary spotlight is on what we love about New Hope. As has been previously shared, we are trying are to capture highlights of this year to enjoy as 2018 comes to a close. So, this month we are hoping to get lots of pictures and videos of individuals and associates holding “I Love New Hope” signs and sharing what they love about NHI.

I love New Hope because I get to serve our wonderful clients and associates. What do YOU love about New Hope? Share your “I Love New Hope” photos and videos with us on Facebook. Here are just a few of the many wonderful things that have been shared:

Jeffrey: I can go out and do fun things.
Lashawnda: Clients’ smiling faces.
Victor: The clients!
Dennis: I can relax at work.
Fatmata: I love working at NHI to help people.
Eric: I love almost all the staff.
Madonna: The unconditional love of the clients.
Ralph: Helping the clients have nice homes.
Mike: Doing beads at day program.
Terri: I love my group home!
Anthony: The very caring staff at NHI!

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