Mac-n-Cheese Dream Come True

Mac-n-Cheese Dream Come True

by Samantha Todd, NHI Marketing Intern

The ribbon cutting for New Hope’s Cheese and Thank You food truck turned one of our big dreams into a reality! Congratulations to our food truck crew: Richie, Michelle and Eli and their fearless leader, Tim Dunkel, Food Truck Specialist. A special shout out goes to Kathy Ballard, Director of Community Outreach, for keeping the dream of the food truck alive for these last several years. Thank you to the people named and all that had a piece in helping Cheese and Thank You become a reality.

Thank you to our donors and sponsors: Pearson Ford, Kroger, Old National Bank Foundation and a very generous anonymous sponsor. Without our sponsors, this journey would not have been possible. Thank you to several local news stations for coming out to the grand opening to support us by helping to spread the word about this unique program.

In an interview, Richie (a food truck crew member) was able to explain the purpose of Cheese and Thank You, that “it will prove to the whole world that people with disability can work as well as people without disability.” Cheese and Thank You is creating jobs for young adults with disabilities, tackling the unemployment rate for people with disabilities which is double that of people without. Check out the media coverage including interviews, articles and videos that the local news stations and one international website wrote about in the links attached below!

Since our opening on July 30th, 2019, Cheese and Thank You has been taking off! We kicked off our journey the day after our ribbon cutting at Fineline Furniture and on Friday we headed over to Traders Brewing Co. On the next Monday we had our first Mac-n-Cheese Monday at New Hope of Indiana! We are thrilled with our sales and the requests that we have been getting to book our truck. You can find the schedule, book the truck and learn more about the program online. Be sure to follow @cheeseandthanks on Facebook and Twitter and @saycheeseindy on Instagram!


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