Lynn Feldman Receives 2020 INARF Pinnacle Award

Lynn Feldman Receives 2020 INARF Pinnacle Award

After her four decades of service at New Hope of Indiana, Lynn Feldman has been enjoying retirement since early December. We thought it only fitting that she end her career with a very special honor – or two. In December, New Hope proudly announced a new distinction for outstanding direct support professionals (DSPs) at New Hope named in part after Lynn. Now, INARF, New Hope’s trade agency, has named Lynn as the recipient of the 2020 Pinnacle Award. This award is given to an outstanding professional level staff member in the human service industry who has demonstrated a commitment to service. We were proud to nominate Lynn for this honor with the following statement:

Lynn Feldman came to New Hope of Indiana in 1978 as an Occupational Therapist. Forty-one years later, she is still at New Hope as Director of the Supported Living Program, and she is preparing for her upcoming retirement. In her role as a leader at New Hope, she participates in every nearly every aspect of New Hope’s quality and safety processes and smoothly manages a $5 million-dollar program that operates 24/7. It’s far from an easy job, and if you ask Lynn what keeps her motivated to come to work after over 40 years, she’ll tell you that it’s the individuals we serve. “They fill your heart and fill your soul. Why would you ever leave a place that does that?”

Lynn’s service to New Hope has been a shining example of leadership in the I/DD field. She serves as a dedicated advocate through her efforts with INARF, even participating on the Training and Professional Development Committee. She prioritizes the safety and well-being of those served before any other part of the business. She stops meetings with her team to say hello to clients who are passing by in the hallway and to ask them how they’ve been. She handles emergencies with grace and competence, and she leads her team in a way that inspires them to do the same. Lynn is a detail-oriented, data-driven leader who is truly invested in empowering those she serves as well as her associates.

Over the years, Lynn has never failed to make time for an associate who has an issue or concern. She seems to have an answer for everything, and when she doesn’t, she’ll go out of her way to find the best solution. Lynn has never been afraid to challenge the status quo, often asking the tough questions that create a better environment for growth. New Hope will sorely miss Lynn’s analytical approach, her vast knowledge and experience, her hands-on leadership style and her patience and compassion with individuals served.

Countless individuals with disabilities, DSPs and other associates have been personally touched by Lynn throughout her long career at New Hope. Lynn Feldman is an outstanding advocate, mentor, friend and leader, and it would be a great honor to end her career by receiving the Pinnacle Award.

You can also see the tribute video in honor of her award here. Congratulations to Lynn on this award and on her retirement!

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  1. Miriam Palmer March 31, 2020 at 1:07 pm

    Congratulations, I will certainly miss seeing and talking to you. Enjoy your retirement and do the things you would have liked to do but there never seemed to have enough time. Your dedication to New Hope will be missed!

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