Letter from Allison: September 2022

Letter from Allison: September 2022

Happy fall!

I am not a pumpkin spice gal, but I sure like the cooler temperatures and the colors of fall!  I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather as well!

I am sure I tell you every month about how busy it is around New Hope, but this month, I really mean it!  This month we were able to celebrate our DSPs during DSP week, which was wonderful!  New Hope relies on its DSPs to provide the exemplary services we offer, and we are so fortunate to have so many wonderful, loving and dedicated DSPs, some who have worked here over 30 years! I cannot thank them enough for all that they do 24/7-365 days a year!

During DSP week, we also conducted part of our annual training which is called the “skills checkoff”.  This is a two-hour training with one of our New Hope managers in which they train DSPs and require them to demonstrate that they can perform certain skills.  This is a culmination of months of online training where all New Hope staff watches educational videos and must get 100% on a skills test to pass.  On top of that, before the skills checkoff, each Team Leader provides annual individual-specific training about each individual served within their team.  I thank everyone who plans, trains, is trained and ultimately records the trainings.  I am very proud of our incredible ongoing training here at New Hope of Indiana!

This month, we also celebrated the retirement of Dr. Pat Wagner, New Hope’s psychologist for over 44 years.  He has been such an incredible part of our team for so long.  He has wonderful relationships with so many that we serve.  He will be very, very missed but promises to come back to provide continuing education. As I said at his retirement party, one of the reasons that New Hope is such a great organization is that we have been blessed with such amazing continuity in the professional area. Thank you, Dr. Wagner, for your incredible wisdom, dedication and service to New Hope of Indiana.

This week, we will celebrate the lives of several individuals served that have sadly passed away in the last year. These beloved individuals are Keith Abel, Susan Carrico, Lisa Clyngenpeel, April Dixson, Michael McCormick and Linda Turner. We still think of them as part of the New Hope family and miss each of them incredibly.  Thank you to all that make this event so special each year!

Since Labor Day generally marks the beginning of election season, New Hope hosted speakers from Indiana Disability Rights and Self-Advocates of Indiana to discuss voter empowerment with the individuals we serve. The presentation gave the individuals knowledge on what the voting process entails and the rights they are entitled to if they choose to go to the polls. Overall, it was an enjoyable and informative presentation!

I told you that it has been a busy month!  We look forward to October as we have our Kiwanis Club of Northwest Indianapolis sponsored fall festival, leadership retreat and the New Hope board meeting.  My husband will tell you I’d rather be busy than bored – it’s a good thing!

Take care and enjoy the weather!


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