It’s the little things!

It’s the little things!

by Kathe Rae, Manager of Mission Integration

Having had the honor to serve at New Hope of Indiana (NHI) for over 36 years, I have seen and experienced first-hand our evolution. From the early struggles as a stand-alone institution, to being “rescued” by St. Vincent and the Daughters of Charity, NHI has emerged a vibrant, compassionate organization with a bright and exciting future. What has remained a constant throughout New Hope’s 39 year history, has been the mission of serving persons in need.

While we have cause to celebrate our major accomplishments, particularly in the last three years as an independent not-for-profit organization, it is also the little things – day to day happenings and stories that truly reflect our heart and soul. Here are just a few glimpses of New Hope spirit in action:

  • The daily visits by individuals at the main office, with associates taking the time from busy schedules to go for a walk, sit and chat or enjoy a cup of coffee together.
  • The experience for our associates and individuals served, seeing and touching animals up close and personal when Silly Safaris comes with exotic and wild animals or with our favorite facility dog Zeller.
  • The dedication of associates assisting individuals with styling hair, applying makeup, wearing jewelry, pressing suits and polishing shoes, in anticipation of a big prom night.
  • Celebrating holidays such as a Mardi Gras and Halloween parades and parties, with festive costumes, music and holiday treats.
  • A surprise birthday celebration at a favorite restaurant organized by site staff, for an individual attended by family and friends.
  • A tea party with actual tea cup bonnets and finger sandwiches made by the individuals, served on a beautifully decorated table with china and tea service.
  • Friday afternoon sing-a-longs and holiday concert rehearsals; perhaps performed a bit off key, but with such determination and pride.
  • A long term weekly bowling group which is more about friendship and spending time together than how many strikes or spares have been bowled.
  • Aktion Club members delivering valentines to the Indiana Statehouse on Valentine’s Day asking legislators to consider budget increases which will allow for a Direct Support Professional pay raise.

These are just a few of the many daily occurrences which exemplify our Core Values: Reverence, Dedication, Creativity, Wisdom, and Integrity. Those values will lead us as we continue our journey into our 40th year of operation and beyond. Accomplishing our strategic goals for long term financial stability, continuing quality service and furthering program expansion are very important; however, we also need to take the time to celebrate those New Hope moments, which over the years have remained a reminder of both our mission and legacy.

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  1. John Bloom April 20, 2017 at 7:06 pm

    When I was a young boy, a favorite song was “Little Things Mean a Lot”. They still do! And you still do!

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