Introducing Inclusivity

Introducing Inclusivity

In 2020, New Hope of Indiana took big strides in our diversity and inclusion efforts. At the direction of the Board of Directors, we implemented a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee made up of nearly 20 associates from all parts of the organization. In part, this committee was created to assess how New Hope incorporates diversity and inclusion in its culture. After receiving feedback from associates, leadership and Board members, the DEI Committee recommended the addition of a new Core Value to reflect New Hope’s commitment to these efforts. In January the Board voted unanimously to approve this addition and is proud to announce the new Core Value of Inclusivity.

We support a culture of inclusivity for our associates and the individuals we serve. We embrace this culture by:

  • Creating an environment where our diverse workforce is represented at all levels of the organization.
  • Establishing and administering workplace policies and procedures that create equitable access as an integral part of our operation.
  • Equipping our leaders with the tools needed to nurture an inclusive culture for all.
    Advocating for social justice in ways that directly impact our associates and individuals we serve.

We remain committed to all of our Core Values and believe that addition of Inclusivity to that list is easy. It’s something that we already practice each and every day and that makes New Hope the special place that it is. While we know that this is just one small step toward creating the supportive and inclusive community that we strive to build, we also know how important gestures such as this are to those members of our organization who are often overlooked or undervalued. We will continue to have the tough conversations that make us all better and that make New Hope a great place to work, serve and grow. We will continue to support our associates of color and other minorities to help them find a sense of belonging in our community both at work and in their personal lives. We hope that our friends will commit to join us in these efforts.

All associates are encouraged to join the DEI Committee’s efforts. Those interested in joining or learning more may contact Margo Green, HR Director.

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