Inclusive Living

Inclusive Living

Jason Chang is an all-around talented guy. He has spent over a decade taking classes at the Broad Ripple Art Center, and his hard work shows. Jason is a painter and works primarily out of his home studio in his basement apartment. He enjoys working with lots of color (his favorite is yellow), and many of his paintings fill New Hope’s administrative offices. He generously donated dozens of paintings to this year’s Silver Cup Celebration in hopes of helping New Hope raise money for the Art Therapy program. He’s even working on a commission for one of New Hope’s vendors to fill their own offices with Jason’s talent.

Jason also enjoys horseback riding, riding the elliptical at the YMCA, reading at the library and eating at McDonald’s. Perhaps most interesting, though, is Jason’s passion for giving back. He has worked at Community Hospital for several years delivering mail throughout the hospital, and enjoys being helpful to those who need it. In this capacity, Jason is a great example of true inclusion. His work at the hospital is both valuable to the people he is serving and meaningful to him as well.

Jason’s biggest fan is his mother, Chinock, with whom he is very close. New Hope is fortunate to serve Jason through our Family and Community Services program, serving individuals with disabilities in the family home. Jason enjoys spending time with his staff, Joey Hodges, most days. Thank you to Jason for sharing his talent with New Hope and for letting us be a part of his family!

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