New Hope’s Halls of Gratitude

New Hope’s Halls of Gratitude

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“Be grateful for small things, big things and everything in between. Count your blessings, not your problems.”-Mandy Hale.

This giving season, we are promoting attitudes of gratitude at New Hope. To champion this effort, our Achieving Inclusion and Meaning (AIM) group is once again leading an initiative to line New Hope’s building with words of gratitude. They invited associates and other individuals served to take a paper pumpkin, write what they are grateful for and add it to the wall. It has been heartwarming to see everyone at New Hope – including those we serve, our associates and guests – write their notes of gratitude and post them on the wall

Amanda Boyd, Manager of Achieving Inclusion and Meaning, had this to say about their gratitude initiative, “At New Hope of Indiana, we are grateful every day for smiles in our hallways and homes, vehicles that take us out, friends & family, volunteers & community partners, technology, opportunities to grow, and so much more! We appreciate all the small ways we can make a difference each day and all big ways our mission can impact the lives of those we support.”

When looking at some of the notes of gratitude in our halls, it is clear our New Hope community is grateful for both the small and large things in life. Some shared they were grateful for chili cheese dogs and fettuccine alfredo while others were grateful for their health and loved ones. No matter how big or small, we have gratitude for the things we love in life.

We are pleased to announce that we once again accomplished our goal of reaching all the way around the Payne Rd. Building with notes of gratitude! In total, there are 486 gratitude pumpkins in our halls. Check out the videos below to see all of the wonderful notes of gratitude as well as one of our AIM participants singing about the importance of being thankful.

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