Four Benefits of Donating to Local Charities

Four Benefits of Donating to Local Charities

By Jenny Pfeil, Director of Development

After working in the development space for over a decade, I’ve learned that when it comes to fundraising, charitable giving rewards both the donor and the nonprofit they choose to support. Whether you donate your time, talent or treasure, there are so many benefits of giving back to local organizations. For donors who choose to support New Hope of Indiana, this isn’t any different.

Impact the Mission

First and foremost, your donation makes a direct and meaningful impact on the individuals we serve. For me, this is the biggest benefit for both New Hope and for our donors. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that your contribution makes life a little better for someone in need.

Impact the Community

Charitable donations also impact the community at-large. Indianapolis has a large nonprofit sector that supports human services and basic needs, arts and culture, animal welfare, education and more. The more charitable our community members are, the better our community is as a whole. Better yet, showing your children the importance of charitable giving can instill that generosity in them for future generations.

Leverage Your Gift

Another benefit to both the organization and the donor is the increased impact of one donation. Your donation to New Hope of Indiana or other nonprofits may influence additional gifts or be eligible for matching funds which could double or triple the impact of your donation. Organizations can leverage your donation to raise more funding to support their mission.

Feel Better

Charitable giving can also boost your own sense of gratitude, improve your well-being and even affect your health. In fact, giving to nonprofits like New Hope can lower your blood pressure, increase your self-esteem, decrease depression and stress levels, and offer a greater sense of happiness.

Make an Impact with New Hope

In 2021, our donors helped us provide over 12,000 hours of therapy services, offer job coaching to over 60 individuals with disabilities, administer over 600 COVID-19 vaccines and provide round the clock care to hundreds of Hoosiers in and around Indianapolis. I invite you to experience the benefits of charitable giving by donating to New Hope of Indiana this year. Your gift will empower the individuals we serve to live their most independent, best lives.

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