DSP Week 2023 is September 11th-15th

DSP Week 2023 is September 11th-15th

Each September, New Hope celebrates our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who provide care to the individuals we serve every day. While DSPs care for the physical needs of those we serve, they do so much more. A DSP is a caregiver, teacher, cook, chauffeur, and, above all, a friend. New Hope has around 250 Direct Support Professionals on our team, and they make up around 73% of our workforce. DSPs are integral to the work we do, and New Hope has the best DSPs in the business! 

This year, New Hope is celebrating DSP Week September 11th-15th. We hope that you’ll help us celebrate New Hope’s incredible DSPs who make a difference every day! Here is how you can help! 

1. Send a thank you note 

Simple notes of appreciation can mean the world to the DSPs who devote so many hours to caring for the individuals we support. You can send a note to a specific DSP or one to all our DSPs. These notes will be shared with recipients during DSP Week. Please fill out the form below to show your appreciation! Note: You can fill out this form multiple times if you wish to send multiple messages!  

Send a Thank You

2. Volunteer 

During DSP Week, we hold required annual trainings at our Payne Road facility. This event means that all of our wonderful DSPs will be in and out of the building during DSP Week. In order to make the week even more special, we plan to decorate the hallways to show appreciation. We are in need of volunteers to help us to decorate and to clean up after DSP Week is over. Consider volunteering your time in support of our amazing DSPs by clicking the button below. 

Volunteer With Us

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