New Hope of Indiana | Day Services
For over forty years, New Hope of Indiana has been committed to supporting individuals and families, encouraging them to live their most independent, fulfilling lives. Through services for individuals with disabilities, counseling for families in the child welfare system and advocacy efforts, New Hope of Indiana is making an impact in our communities every day.
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Day Services

Our Day Services Program gives participants an activity-packed experience, every weekday from 8:30am to 4pm. We serve adults with intellectual and physical disabilities by offering a broad spectrum of activities indoors and outdoors. Since we began the program in 2008, our goal has been to provide meaningful activities that focus on the development and growth in each person’s chosen areas of interest. Participants can shape their own day by doing what they love to do, enjoying their time with us each and every day.

The Day Services Program includes:

Personal choice of supervised activities including art, games, crafts, music, therapeutic iPads, computers & more

Time with Zeller, our CCI facility dog

Cooking & gardening for skill development and fun

Art Therapies for creative release

Sensory Room for a relaxing experience

Musical and other in-house performance arts

For questions or more details call Amy Flint at 317-744-5430, or click HERE to send her a message.