Culture Corner: Meet Olamiposi Bello

Culture Corner: Meet Olamiposi Bello

New Hope’s associates represent many different experiences and backgrounds. Whether they grew up in a small town or big city, another state or another country, their experiences contribute to who they are today. We want to use this space for associates to answer the question ‘What is it like to be me?” so we can all learn more about the unique perspectives that make up #TeamNewHope.

Meet Ola! Ola serves as a Team Leader at our Rendu Group Home. She has been with New Hope for 2 years. Ola was born and raised in Ile Oluji/Oke Igbo, a town in Ondo State, Nigeria. She is from a family of eight and has five sisters and one brother. She was the fifth out of six children.

Ola admired the dedication of her parents while she was growing up. Both her mother and father were teachers. Much of her work ethic is mirrored off what she was fortunate enough to learn from them.

In her free time, Ola enjoys shopping. She particularly enjoys purchasing perfume and has a passion for collecting all kinds of scents!

One of the many reasons that Ola enjoys working at New Hope is that the organization makes the well-being of both staff and individuals served a top priority. Ola says that her supervisor is very supportive of her. She says that she recognizes that perfection is unattainable and always is a source of encouragement. Ola is also so appreciative that her supervisor collaborates with her and consistently acknowledges her efforts with praise.

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