Culture Corner: Meet Marcie Short

Culture Corner: Meet Marcie Short

New Hope’s associates represent many different experiences and backgrounds. Whether they grew up in a small town or big city, another state or another country, their experiences contribute to who they are today. We want to use this space for associates to answer the question ‘What is it like to be me?” so we can all learn more about the unique perspectives that make up #TeamNewHope.

Meet Marcie! Marcie was born in Beaufort, SC. Her family traveled a lot because her dad was in the Marine Corps, but they moved back to Redkey, Indiana when she was a child. Both of Marcie’s parents grew up in Redkey, a very small agricultural town in central east Indiana. She grew up with a younger and an older brother. Marcie attended Purdue University for her undergrad and also attended their veterinary school. She continues to work as a companion animal veterinarian to this day.

Marcie and her husband Mike have two adult children – Kiel and Sam. They have two dogs and a cat. In her free time, Marcie enjoys reading, crafting and gardening. She also enjoys volunteering at her church.  

Marcie serves as a caregiver to her son, Kiel, through New Hope’s Family and Community Services program. When asked about what she loves about New Hope, she had this to say, “I love the commitment that New Hope has for its clients and employees, and I appreciate that I can have flexible work hours.  I am thankful for the dedication of all New Hope’s employees!” 

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