New Hope of Indiana | COVID-19 Coronavirus Resources
For over forty years, New Hope of Indiana has been committed to supporting individuals and families, encouraging them to live their most independent, fulfilling lives. Through services for individuals with disabilities, counseling for families in the child welfare system and advocacy efforts, New Hope of Indiana is making an impact in our communities every day.
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COVID-19 Coronavirus Resources

New Hope of Indiana’s COVID-19 Coronavirus Response

As we continue to monitor the effect of COVID-19 on our mission, the health, safety, and well-being of the individuals we serve, our associates and the broader New Hope community is our highest priority.


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, New Hope has remained focused on these main goals:

  1. Keep everyone healthy and safe;
  2. Minimize risk;
  3. Keep people working (at least standard hours); and
  4. Keep in communication with associates, individuals served, families and guardians, Case Managers, BDDS, and the Department of Health.

As we begin to move forward and get “Back on Track” we are also focused on preparing for another wave of this pandemic. New Hope has implemented additional steps to help the individuals we serve and our associates remain healthy. Thank you to all of our associates, families and community members for your support and understanding during this time. Please find additional resources and information below. If you should have any questions or additional concerns, please contact us using the form on this page.

To best serve our clients, New Hope is taking these additional precautions:

  • Visitors to our facilities are being restricted as noted in the visitor guidelines below. Associates are being screened daily and asked to disclose if they have been experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. If they report symptoms, we will request that they leave and not return until they are feeling well. Associates are also closely monitoring the health of those we serve.
  • NHI has increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitization at all sites.
  • NHI has created a special working group to closely monitor any new developments with respect to COVID-19 to ensure a rapid response to new concerns as they arise.
  • NHI is providing increased education and support to individuals served and associates regarding best practices to reduce the risk and the spread of COVID-19.
  • NHI will be limiting community activities for individuals served as needed.
  • NHI nurses will be focused on providing increased screening of individuals served to look for possible symptoms of COVID-19 to ensure a rapid response if necessary.

Group Home and Supported Living Visitor Policy

Beginning on May 18th, limited family visitation began at our Supported Living Homes, and beginning June 6th, limited family visitation began at Group Homes as well. To keep everyone safe, visits at these sites will be limited as follows:


  1. Please schedule all visits with house staff 24 hours in advance, so there will be no overlapping visits with other families;
  2. All visits will be outside, and no visitors will be allowed inside the house or garage;
  3. Social distancing (6 feet apart) must be maintained. If social distancing can be maintained, a neighborhood walk is fine;
  4. Visitors will be asked to wear masks. Individuals served will also be asked to wear a mask, but if that is not possible, the visit can still occur;
  5. Please do not bring anything for your loved one (clothes, gifts, food) at this time.


Day Services Reopening Plans

We are working to get our Day Services “Back on Track” throughout the months of June and July. This reopening will begin with a small number of individuals at both our Payne Road and Castleton locations, and we will slowly increase the capacity as we continue to learn the safest way to provide this service. For now, individuals returning to Day Services must be able to appropriately social distance, wear a face mask and be willing to stay within the designated Day Services space at our Payne Road building. Individuals ready to return to Day Services will be determined by program leaders.


Payne Road Limited Access

At this time, no visitors will be allowed at Payne Road. Associates may begin to return to work as usual on a limited schedule following the most up to date Back on Track plans for Payne Road associates and frontline caregivers and in accordance with their supervisor’s instructions.

Questions or concerns? Contact us!