Client Profile: Marcia Carithers

Client Profile: Marcia Carithers

This month we are highlighting another individual NHI has served for 40 years: Marcia Carithers. Marcia also has the honorable distinction of being the oldest individual we serve at 86 years! When she lived in the residential facility, Marcia was on A Pod, later called Alpha Hall. She was one of the lucky few to have her own bedroom. When the group home program was started, Marcia moved to the Laboure home and resided there for several years. She was able to move into her own apartment, which she really loved. In recent years, she has lived in a couple of Supported Living homes, and soon she will be moving to 60th St.

Marcia has cultivated many interests throughout the years, especially music; playing on a keyboard, listening to big band music, and going to concerts. She has been involved in numerous music-related programs at NHI and currently attends music therapy with Caitlin Bernhart. Working jigsaw puzzles is another favorite activity and there almost always is a puzzle in progress in her room. She likes to read, do embroidery, write poetry, paint, go to parks, and shop at Walmart. She also looks forward to visits with her nephew John and his wife Paula.

It has been an honor to serve Marcia for the past 40 years! Here is one of her poems:

“I was born with cerebral palsy, but I can read.
I am in a wheelchair, but I can talk.
I can’t stand, but I can write and do embroidery.
I can’t run, but I can do computer work.
I can’t jog, but I can play the piano.
I can’t skip, but I can paint a picture.
I can’t dance, but I can sing.
Yes, I have a disability, but inside I am a person just like you.”

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