Client Profile: Lynn Brown

Client Profile: Lynn Brown

We have enjoyed highlighting individuals NHI has served for the past 40 years and this month’s profile is on Lynn Brown. Lynn resided in the residential facility, and he lived on “D” Pod/Delta Hall. He was one of the first to move into the Rendu group home in 1995 and has lived there for over 23 years.

Lynn is rather quiet, but certainly has a gleam in his eyes and an engaging smile. He tends to be a homebody, watching TV and playing cards at the group home. He stated that he does like to go to Steak-n-Shake once in a while and likes the shakes. Lynn attends the Payne Road Day Services and enjoys bingo and watching movies. It is obvious he loves coffee, especially with the flavored creamer, as he can be seen several times a day walking down the halls with a full cup of joe.

Lynn is very close to his family and looks forward to going out weekly with his sister, Jeanie. She and other family members came to the Anniversary Celebration in March, when he and the Class of ’78 individuals were recognized. Lynn still misses his sister, Louella, who took him to her home every week and for holidays for many years. Something he used to do often was to shoot pool. He would regularly go to several local pubs to practice his billiard skills. At the annual Fall Festival, he will occasionally go out on the dance floor, if asked, and will show off that big smile.

Thanks to Lynn and his family for allowing New Hope of Indiana to support him for the past 40 years!

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  1. Linda Griffiths August 29, 2018 at 7:45 pm

    Love Lynn and remember Louella, she lived close to my home. I remember taking Lynn to play pool quite often at memories, at that time he loved a steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse.Lynn always speaks when I see him at day service calling me by my first and last name, he also liked handicapble camp but I heard there is too much walking now for him to handle I know where hes coming from, I’m right behind him in age. Lynn is the only person still at Rendu from when I worked there 20 years ago, with Rael and Andriana, good memories

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