Client Profile: Joni Eaton

Client Profile: Joni Eaton

SOCIAL is the best word to describe Joni Eaton! We are highlighting Joni as she is another individual NHI has served for 40 years. Joni moved into the residential facility in 1978 and resided on D-Pod/Delta Hall. She transferred to Gamma Hall and later moved out of the facility to live at the Justin group home. In 2003 she moved to the 66th St. SLP home, where she continues to reside.

Joni enjoys being around and interacting with people. She loves to kid and be kidded, has been known to be a bit ornery, and is also a prankster, all in fun. At her home she has become quite the “mother hen,” worried when her housemates have not arrived home on time, wanting staff to call and check on them. Over the years, Joni has had the opportunity to travel, visiting Texas, Florida and Arizona to see family. Stacey Dybala, Group Home Manager, accompanied Joni to the Grand Canyon, where they panned for gold, dressed in wild west clothing for a chuckwagon dinner and enjoyed the breathtaking canyon beauty. She also was lucky to take a ride on the Goodyear Blimp, when it was here for the Indy 500 several years ago. Some very special memories!

Joni attends Castleton Day Services and not surprising, loves to socialize. She enjoys listening to music both there and at home, and also likes to go out to eat; IHOP and Olive Garden are a couple of her favorites places. Joni stays in contact with her family, who visit and call her. Our thanks to Joni for bringing her own special brand of spunk to New Hope for the past 40 years!

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