Charitable Sponsors are an Asset to the Community

Charitable Sponsors are an Asset to the Community

As New Hope prepares for the fourth annual Silver Cup Celebration this week, we are feeling especially grateful for our many corporate sponsors and community partners who have made this year’s event possible. At the very first Silver Cup Celebration, the event emcee, Anne Marie Tiernon, asked guests to take a moment to look at the list of sponsors and to take note, because we as consumers have a choice to make. Every time we go to the store, buy a car, open a bank account, repair our home or make any other buying decision, we are choosing how to invest our money. The sponsors on that page also had a choice to make about how to invest their money, and they had chosen to invest in New Hope’s mission. Why not choose to do business with a company who gives back to a part of the community that you support as well?

This year, many of those same sponsors will grace the sponsor recognition page in the event’s program including PNC Bank, Pearson Ford and Konrady Plastics. These continued partners have been assets both to New Hope’s mission and to the communities in which they work.

PNC, this year’s Title Sponsor, has partnered with New Hope for over 10 years. While PNC serves as New Hope’s primary banking institution, the relationship is much more than that. Pat Gamble Moore, PNC Sr. Vice President, Community Development Banking Market Manager for Indiana, also serves on New Hope’s Board of Directors as Vice Chair. She has been instrumental in building the partnership between PNC and New Hope and helped facilitate a $10,000 grant during the pandemic that allowed New Hope to purchase new Chromebooks for our staff and clients. This additional technology helped our staff and clients to stay connected during times of isolation. Thank you, PNC for your partnership with New Hope.

Pearson Ford, this year’s Platinum Sponsor, began its relationship with our mission as a vendor as well. It quickly became a more meaningful partnership when John Pearson III came to tour New Hope’s Day Services. John recognized the amazing work of the caregivers who were supporting our clients while encouraging their independence. Pearson Ford has since donated nearly $70,000 to support New Hope’s mission and was a founding sponsor of New Hope’s Cheese and Thank You food truck program. Thank you to Pearson Ford and the Pearson family for their partnership!

The Konrady family has an even longer history with New Hope than our other partners. The Konradys were instrumental in the creation of New Hope in the 1970s and have entrusted their son Jeff’s care to New Hope since then. Even after Jeff’s parents passed away, his siblings and other family members have remained dedicated to ensuring that New Hope’s legacy lasts for many years to come. Today, we are especially thankful for Jeff’s sister Dg who serves as a Team Leader at our Castleton Day Services and to his brother Bernie and sister-in-law Sue who continue to be avid supporters of our mission. This year, Bernie’s family business, Konrady Plastics serves as a Gold Sponsor for the Silver Cup Celebration and we are so grateful for their generosity.

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