Change is a Good Thing

Change is a Good Thing

Christy Bowser does not like change. However, one change in her life that she feels has been wonderful was her move to the Laboure Group Home in July of 2018. She previously lived in her own apartment in Noblesville, and she was feeling lonely, especially after she lost her job at Marsh when it closed. Christy had loved working there for over 20 years and had many co-worker friends. She said her sister, Michelle, thought Laboure would provide opportunities to meet new friends, get to do things she enjoys and also help her monitor her diabetes. It was helpful for her to be able to spend a couple of overnights at the home to see she would fit in with everyone. Christy is quite social, so she certainly has fit in well in the past year.

Away from home, Christy’s involvement at church is very important to her. She has attended the Emanuel United Methodist Church in Noblesville for 14 years. She recently went on a mission trip to Kentucky, with a group from her church. She has been on several mission trips over the years, which are like a vacation. and she really enjoys helping with projects like sorting donated clothes.

Christy also enjoys reading books, going bowling every Saturday with her housemates, Donna and Lezlie, shopping, eating at Subway and attending the monthly New Hope bingo. Christy is quite close to her roommate Genevieve and is protective of her. She attends Janus Developmental Services day services where she likes working with glass. She has also made some new friends there.

Christy’s sister, Michelle, lives in Florida, so they do not get to see each other that often. She enjoys talking to her on the phone regularly, though. Christy’s move to Laboure eased Michelle’s mind, knowing she was happy and received assistance with any needs. Christy is a joy to serve, and we hope she is living her best life!

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  1. Marcia A Salvo October 30, 2019 at 7:01 pm

    Yes! We love Christy! She is such a great addition to Laboure. Megan loves her and loves to hang out with her.

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