Celebration of Life 2022

Celebration of Life 2022

On September 29th at 10:30 a.m., the New Hope of Indiana family will honor and celebrate the lives of six individuals that we have lost in the past year.  We will celebrate through prayer, scripture readings, songs, as well as personal stories and memories. The event will be held at our Payne Road location in the outdoor shelter house. Below is information about the individuals we will be celebrating. 

Keith Abel
7/4/1965- 6/25/2022

Keith was served by New Hope for 20 years, residing at Winston 1 for the majority of those years. He also attended New Hope’s Day Service Program. Keith worked at Goodwill Industries for many years, enjoyed gardening and was an active member of his church choir for a very long time.  

Susan Carrico

Susan came to New Hope in 2002 and lived at Parker 1. She attended Day Services at Noble for many years and her favorite thing to do was to engage in painting classes. At home, she loved to greet her staff, housemates and visitors, often saying “hey and thank you” to all. Susan loved to watch game shows and her favorite was Steve Harvey’s Family Feud. She could be heard throughout the home laughing at Steve’s gameshow antics.

Lisa Clyngenpeel
4/18/1955 – 9/12/2021

For over 42 years, Lisa was served by New Hope of Indiana. Lisa was a resident at our Diana Drive home since 1995. She attended the Day Service Program at Castleton. Lisa was a devout Christian and enjoyed reading her Bible as well as listening to and singing Christian music. She also enjoyed shopping, going out to eat, attending sporting events, and spending time with her family and friends.  

April Dixson
3/27/1976 – 3/20/2022

April was served by New Hope since 2000. She resided with her friends at New Hope’s Arlington home. April loved when her family would get together, and she cherished time with them. Her hobbies included listening to music, watching movies and TV, bowling, eating and playing UNO (which she was exceptionally good at).  

Michael McCormick

Michael was a part of the New Hope family for over 16 years! Michael spent many years attending New Hope’s Day Services at Payne Road where he enjoyed socializing with everyone. He lived at the Gifford home. Michael enjoyed making tea and coffee, visiting with his mom and brothers, playing Connect Four, working on puzzles, listening to music, and socializing with his housemates. 

Linda Turner
3/1/1953 – 3/2/2022

Linda moved into our Frederic home in August of 2020. She attended Day Services at Janus Developmental Services for over 25 years. She enjoyed spending time with friends at Day Services and received several awards, such as a Positive Attitude Award, during her time there. Linda also loved Gospel music, her family and friends, arts and crafts and porch swings.  

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