Celebrating New Hope’s Incredible Partners

Celebrating New Hope’s Incredible Partners

Last month, we celebrated the four New Hope associates who have gone above and beyond this past year. This month, we’d like to thank two individuals who have made a positive difference this past year for New Hope and the individuals we serve.

Dick Hester – The 2022 Partner in Service

A long-time community volunteer and leader, Dick Hester is an active supporter of New Hope and the individuals we serve. A connector at heart, he has shared the New Hope mission throughout Central Indiana by organizing volunteer and community engagement events with New Hope.

Not only does Dick volunteer his time, he recruits others to engage with New Hope. He initiated a collection drive during the holidays where over 100 craft and activity items were donated to individuals served, making their holidays brighter. Dick is a shining example of sharing the New Hope story and encouraging others to get involved.

Drew Kogan – The Beverly Dyken Volunteer of the Year

For many years, Drew Kogan was a beloved volunteer at New Hope who brought immense joy and happiness to those we serve. He shared his love of art through his numerous donations of craft and fabric supplies so individuals had an outlet to express themselves and create wonderful pieces of art. His favorite activity at New Hope was the Halloween Costume Contest, where he served as a judge.

He was heavily involved within New Hope’s Silver Cup Celebration, participating as a volunteer on the planning committee. He was always the first to volunteer himself for a “menu tasting”and brought creative ideas to ensure the event was fun, unique, and engaging. Drew passed in January 2022. He leaves a lasting impact on every individual, associate and volunteer at New Hope.


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