Celebrating New Hope’s Social Workers

Celebrating New Hope’s Social Workers

March is National Social Worker Month, and we want to recognize the commitment of the wonderful social workers at New Hope. This year’s national theme for the month is ‘Empowering Social Workers: Inspiring Action, Leading Change’. At New Hope, our social workers are inspiring action and change daily.

Social workers make a huge impact on the lives of the individuals we serve. New Hope’s social workers help individuals be more independent, advocate for themselves and ensure decisions are made with their best interests in mind.

Outside of New Hope, there are also many social workers who play an important role in the lives of the individuals we serve. Case managers of individuals served are often social workers. Individuals also may interact with social workers at doctor’s offices, mental health centers and other places in our community.

In honor of National Social Workers Month, meet New Hope’s social workers and see why they love what they do!

I love being a social worker because it’s a profession that aligns with my personal values of inclusion, equity and advocacy. As a behavior consultant, I love using my social work degree at New Hope to help my clients achieve their personal goals. I enjoy working with families and staff members to help our clients overcome challenges and lead independent and meaningful lives. I’m constantly learning and growing because of our wonderful clients and staff at New Hope. 

-Allison Brinegar, New Hope Behavior Consultant

I love being a social worker for many reasons. One important reason is because it focuses on empowerment. I love partnering with individuals to identify and lower barriers so individuals can do things themselves. If an individual does not want to change, I cannot make them. However, being a social worker, I am able to provide support and work with individuals to plan and motivate them to reach their goals. I love working at New Hope because the values of the organization coincide with my own. I love the support I get from my coworkers and supervisor. I also love the organized and calm environment that helps me do my job the best way possible. 

-Adebanke Faleke, New Hope Behavior Consultant

I am fortunate in my role at New Hope that I get to work with all our departments and services. I have the opportunity to meet so many people in our community and connect them with our quality services.

-Amy Flint, New Hope’s Director of Community and Family Connections

Being a social worker at New Hope fulfills my desire to help others and to be a part of a community that accepts people for who they are and meets them where they are at. New Hope has been able to encourage, empower, and strengthen the community, supporting them in various areas of their lives with the services they have in place. This is one of the many reasons why I love to work at New Hope. Their love for the community and strong code of ethics is a great foundation for supporting social workers and the work we do. New Hope of Indiana has always been exemplary in expressing social justice and inclusivity in the workplace and community for over four decades. 

-Terri Gee, New Hope Behavior Consultant

Being a social worker at New Hope means helping my clients advocate for themselves so they can live their best lives.

-Elaine Krueger, New Hope Behavior Consultant

I enjoy being a social worker because it gives me the opportunity to live up to the values I have of helping othersThe best part of this job is helping individuals see and fulfill their dreams of living their best lifeAt the same time, seeing smiles on the faces of the individual I serve is priceless and the most rewarding part of the job. 

-Lonya Thompson, Manager of New Hope Behavior Services Department

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