Celebrating New Hope’s Nurses

31 May Celebrating New Hope’s Nurses

This May, we celebrated Nurses’ Week with a profound sense of gratitude for the selfless professionals who have served our mission throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We are grateful for each of them and the sense of comfort and peace that they bring to our New Hope community under the leadership of Nicole Powell, RN, NHI Clinical Nurse Coordinator. Nicole began her New Hope journey in 1996 as a Direct Support Professional. She was drawn to New Hope because she helped take care of her older sister, who is disabled. In her six years serving as a DSP, Nicole learned how to cook, clean, and take care of a home. She learned about equality and inclusion and the advocacy that New Hope does on behalf of its individuals to ensure they are living their best life, that everyone is treated with respect and that New Hope embraces all cultures and backgrounds. As a result of the growth and experience Nicole gained as a DSP, she realized that she was called to be a nurse. In 2002, Nicole left New Hope to pursue a nursing career, and in 2017 had an opportunity to return as the Clinical Nurse Coordinator. Today, Nicole would say that her true calling was not only to be a nurse but to bring joy to those who she encounters every day at New Hope!

Nicole, along with her team of nurses, work tirelessly to help ensure the well-being of the individuals they serve every day. Throughout the entire COVID pandemic, the nursing department has been on the frontlines to administer COVID tests to individuals and associates. They have visited individuals at their homes to provide vaccines and boosters, to check on the wellbeing of COVID+ individuals, and ensure all individuals are healthy and happy. They have even provided multiple vaccine clinics for New Hope associates! They are everyday heroes! Thank you to the nursing department for your unwavering dedication and commitment to serving New Hope, and they joy you bring to all at New Hope!

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