Celebrating Disability Awareness Month

Celebrating Disability Awareness Month

by Adria Schrock, AIM Client

Disability Awareness Month means a lot to me since I have a disability. Imagine if you had a disability, what would you think and how do you think others would treat you? In this article I will tell you what to do and such.

First things first, just be yourself. Make new friends and hang out with people. We don’t want to be alone in the world. People with disabilities are just the same as everyone else and we want to be included as well. Disability Awareness Month means so much more to me since we get together maybe once a year and get to help others understand what this month means. It means to accept people for who they are not on the outside but on the inside. We all want to be treated that way. Second is it is not about what we totally look like and such. We give it our heart and we give it our all. Third, no matter what we can’t do, don’t say that. We can put what our mind thinks and what we put our soul and passion to is what we can give it our all in. This means a lot to me because I have a disability and I know what it feels like to have a disability and to share that passion with other people.

I personally have a disability myself so one thing I do is get distracted and I focus on different stuff. I personally have ADHD TBI and mental health issues. So remember when you are in doubt just be yourself and be friends with people who have a disability or people who do not and explain that you really do need help. Explain what you need help with and such.

*Adria participates in AIM (Achieving Inclusion and Meaning), New Hope’s community-based day program for young adults looking to become more involved in the Indianapolis community through volunteer activities, cultural events and self-advocacy. Contact Amy Flint to learn more or to get involved.

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