Celebrating Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Month

This February, New Hope celebrates Black History Month to honor the sacrifices, contributions and rich heritage of the African American/Black community.

At New Hope, we look forward to honoring the heritage of our diverse staff. Nearly 73% of our associates identify as Black or African American. Our associates bring unique experiences and heritage to our workplace, which helps create a more culturally rich community.

One way we will be celebrating the heritage of our associates is through a traditional African dress parade that will take place in our Day Services program on Thursday, February 1st. During this event, associates are invited to wear traditional African attire and dance to music from their home countries. They will also bring in traditional dishes from their countries to share. This is a fun celebration to kick off Black History Month and a fun way for associates to share their culture with the individuals we serve. Check out a photo from last year’s traditional African dress parade below!

During Black History Month, we also celebrate the wonderful contributions of the individuals we serve. In 2023, our Cheese and Thank You food truck team made 65 community visits and served up 1,621 meals. Through their work, they not only learned valuable skills that can help them obtain employment in our community – they also broke barriers by showing others that individuals with disabilities are capable of more than they are often given credit for. Their work also demonstrated to community members that individuals with disabilities make valuable contributions to the workplace. Through their work on the Cheese and Thank You food truck, they helped to promote a more inclusive central Indiana community.

Happy Black History Month! We are proud to recognize the accomplishments and heritage of our Black/African American associates and individuals served. Stay tuned on our social media pages as we continue the celebration all month long.

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