Castleton Day Services Moves to Payne Road

Castleton Day Services Moves to Payne Road

On September 1st, we welcomed Castleton Day Services to our Payne Road location. Due to our lease not being renewed at our previous Castleton location, the team transitioned to Payne Road after being in their former location for 6 years.

We had just a few weeks notice about the move so a quick transition to Payne Road was made. The Castleton associates pitched in right away and did what they could to assist in the moving process. Our maintenance team did a great job of packing up the former facility and moving everything into the new space at Payne Road. Carolyn Short, a DSP on the Castleton Day Services team, remarked, “The move was smooth considering the short turnaround time that we had. We accomplished a lot in a short period of time. I would like to thank New Hope maintenance staff and office personnel for all of their assistance with the transition.” 

The Castleton team is staying intact and have their own area in the Payne Road building. They have worked hard to make their new space warm and inviting for the individuals they serve to help ease the transition. Maureen Wilson, Team Leader for Castleton Day Services, noted the team works well together and said the move has made their team’s bond even stronger than it was previously. 

We are grateful to have our Castleton associates at Payne Road and are so appreciative of their flexibility and open-mindedness throughout this transition. We are also enjoying having Oreo, our therapy dog, in the Payne Road building too! 

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