Black History Month: Mike Epps Feature

Black History Month: Mike Epps Feature

Feature Written By Chasatie Finley, New Hope of Indiana Team Leader

Mike Epps is an American stand-up comedian and actor. He is well-known for his role as Day-Day Jones in the hit film Next Friday and its sequel Friday After Next. Epp is from the inner city of Indianapolis, Indiana and grew up near the section of 21st and Carrollton Avenue.

Mike Epps does interviews all the time and loves to talk about his hometown and his upbringing.  He says Indianapolis will always be his home. Epps has even done a sitcom on Netflix called  The UpShaws.  The show is about a working-class black family in Indiana who strives for a better life and happy home while juggling everyday struggles.

Over the years of Mike Epps’s career, he has donated to several charities.  Epps also has performed a charity show and donated all the money to help bury a family’s loved one. In 2022, Mike hosted a drive-thru turkey giveaway at the Avondale Meadows YMCA. Lastly, Mike and his wife Kyra have announced that they will have a show on HGTV that will be based in Indianapolis, Indiana. It will be called Buying Back the Block and will be airing in spring of 2023.  The show will be centered around Epps fixing up old homes in his neighborhood.

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