AIM Experiences AdaptFit

AIM Experiences AdaptFit

According to the CDC, “nearly half of all adults with disabilities don’t get any aerobic physical activity.” Nearly half! Can you believe that??

Our friends at Summit Strength and CrossFit have been helping our AIM groups practice physical fitness through CrossFit training. Their new class, AdaptFit, allows nearly a dozen young adults with disabilities to enjoy the benefits of CrossFit training each week including learning new functional skills, setting personal goals and getting out of their comfort zones. Not only are the individuals we serve getting fit and enjoying themselves, their coaches are enjoying this partnership as well. Here’s what Summit Strength had to say:

“One of many great things we get to do as coaches is spread joy to people’s lives! The best gift we get back is the happiness from our members especially when it shows on their faces. Our newest class, AdaptFit, is designed for the intellectually disabled. We have 11 amazing individuals who look forward to coming each week and learning new functional tasks to make their lives better. Thank you to Coach Claire and Coach Katie for spreading your joy into the lives of these amazing individuals!”

It’s also important to say that CrossFit workouts are not necessarily in the budgets of many of the individuals we serve. Without the kindness and generosity of the other members at Summit Strength, our AIM groups would not likely be able to afford this kind of training. Their fundraising efforts have covered the cost of the class for both of our AIM groups for several weeks.

We’re so thankful for partners like Summit Strength and for the opportunities that they provide to those we serve!

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  1. Mike Strohl October 30, 2019 at 8:16 pm

    This is just terrific!

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