A Spirit of Grace and Perseverance

A Spirit of Grace and Perseverance

Rosemary Bostick’s middle name should be perseverance as she has faced many challenges in her life yet has been able to overcome all with grace and spirit. Before she found her way to New Hope, Rosemary was living in a shelter. In 2002, she moved to the Rendu group home, which provided a safe environment and assisted her with health issues. Even though she had lived out on her own with her family for many years, she enjoyed living at the group home.

In July of 2005, Rosemary moved to an apartment in the CYCS program, now called FCS, which she shared with two roommates. Since then, she has lived in a number of different settings and has settled into her own apartment. Since Rosemary left the group home, DSP Annette Davies has served her which has been wonderful for both of them. Outside of New Hope, Rosemary has worked at Bosma Enterprises for the last thirteen years. She works three day a week and likes her job of pre-packing gloves. Before she lost her sight, she also enjoyed working at Kroger. She also enjoys coming to New Hope for recreation therapy with Melody. Their weekly walks are good exercise and they often play music bingo. She enjoys shopping, going out to eat, especially Cracker Barrel, and going to Beef-n-Boards. For many years she has also been a part of social group, called Blind Bunch. A favorite memory was a trip to Tennessee several years ago.

Rosemary has two children, and her son Robert was also served by New Hope many years ago. He lives in Marion and Rosemary meets him halfway for visits. She really looks forward to their visits and time together. She also has a daughter, Christina, who lives in Indianapolis. Each month, Rosemary sees her three grandsons and two granddaughters.

We applaud Rosemary for her courage and determination and for maintaining a positive and infectious attitude! Thank you for letting us serve you.

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  1. bonnie jo lumpkin December 31, 2019 at 3:42 pm

    It is so good to see you are doing well, I was your nurse consultant when you was Rendu. I am so proud of you….

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