A Note from Allison: Warm Spirits

A Note from Allison: Warm Spirits

Happy 2.22.22!

Doesn’t a sunny warm day in February always give you hope that spring is near? As I write this, my spirits are warmed by this great weather.

At New Hope there is also hope! After a tough round of COVID infection with the Omicron variant, we are happy to say that we are currently COVID free for both individuals served and staff. During the most recent surge, we limited Day Services to only those individuals who can tolerate a mask all day. Last week, we began welcoming other participants who cannot wear a mask all day back to the program. We know this is not the end of COVID, but like a 60-degree day in February, it sure feels good!

Even though it did not feel good when it was happening, I want to hold up the amazing #TeamNewHope for their work during February’s snowstorm in Indianapolis. This was a big one and there are so many people to thank – from our amazing Maintenance team who plowed all of New Hope driveways twice, to Managers, Team Leaders and DSPs who stayed overnight at houses when other staff could not get in to work. Leaders also pitched in to be sure houses had all necessities and were safely staffed. I hope that for this year we are one and done with big snow!

February is Black History Month and as always, New Hope is committed to highlighting Black voices on #TeamNewHope. This month, I enjoyed hearing stories from associates like Wilma Pipes, Supported Living Team Leader, about what their heritage means to them and how New Hope’s organizational culture supports them.

“I was raised in Gary, Indiana, where my community embraced families. It was great to have extended family in the neighborhood, where no one was a stranger. We supported each other in any way we could. My parents were hard workers and they instilled in me to have a hard work ethic. Like my community, I learned to be there for those who needed help.

“At New Hope, I love being a help to those that I serve! I’m thrilled to be part of an organization where diversity, in all aspects, is truly celebrated.

“Being Black is a reminder that I am a descendent of those who fought through terrible circumstances to survive. I’m an overcomer and am proud of my heritage.”

Isn’t this wonderful? Thank you to Wilma and others for sharing their stories with us this month and for their service to New Hope’s mission!

Last week was also both Valentine’s Day and Random Acts of Kindness Day! New Hope’s AIMsters spread the love by handing out Free Positive Thoughts throughout the office that we were supposed to take as a “reminder that you’re important; you’re special; you are cared about; and you matter!” Although I am a few days late, I want to spread those positive thoughts to all those who are reading this-because they are all true! Thank you!

Have a great “Twos-day”!


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