A Note from Allison: Spring Changes

A Note from Allison: Spring Changes

Happy spring! I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weather!

At New Hope, things never stop changing, and I’m happy to say that this spring, we are embracing this spirit of change by starting several new and unique programs.

I have always believed that in any service-focused organization, the people providing care must be well cared for before they can do their job to their fullest potential. A few years ago, our leadership team made an intentional change to our Vision Statement that reflects this.

New Hope of Indiana is committed to recognizing our associates for their unwavering commitment to service every day and we will commit to provide them with resources to be successful both personally and professionally.


Since then, New Hope’s Board of Directors has been exploring new ways to support our dedicated associates in ways that are meaningful to them. After much discernment, I am excited to announce that we have recently launched three new programs for #TeamNewHope that will help our amazing associates succeed at work and at home: the Emerging Leaders professional development program; a Peer Mentor program to ensure new associates have the support they need to be successful; and the Success Navigator program which provides coaching for reaching personal and professional goals. It is my sincere hope that these programs will be a successful step in caring for our associates so that they can provide the highest quality care to the people we serve.

New Hope also opened registration for Camp Catalyst, a unique summer camp experience for children ages 11-16 with and without disabilities. Camp Catalyst will encourage campers to be confident, independent, productive citizens who will help to promote an inclusive society. New Hope of Indiana seeks to empower campers to be catalysts for change in their communities who can redefine what it means to have a disability or to be a friend to someone with a disability. Registration is open until June 3rd, but you can sign up to volunteer anytime before Camp Catalyst begins on June 20th. Visit our website</a> to learn more about Camp Catalyst and to get involved.

As always, I want to say thank you to all of our New Hope friends and family for your continued support. We are so grateful to be in a position to start these new programs to support both our associates and the individuals who they serve. Stay up to date on these programs and all things New Hope by following us on social media and reading the New Hope Heartbeat in your inbox on the last Tuesday of every month.

Finally on a sad personal and professional note, I must announce that Sarah Stone, author of our Heartbeat newsletter for the last several years is leaving New Hope. We wish her the best in her personal and professional life, and I thank her so much for all she has given to New Hope and the individuals we serve!

Take care,


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