A Note from Allison: Sharing Our Gifts

A Note from Allison: Sharing Our Gifts

Happy June!

Lately, I have been thinking about gifts, especially the gifts of the wonderful people surrounding New Hope. Some gifts are obvious like Lynn Feldman’s artistic and quilting ability that is demonstrated by the beautiful quilt she recently made. Some of them not so obvious like the gift of an individual we serve to make us smile; the gift of presence from one staff member to another; the gift that our maintenance people give the individuals we serve by letting them help and feel like “one of the guys”. The gift of love, care and devotion that all of our team shows to the individuals we serve every day. Each of us has our own gift and New Hope creates an environment for us to let it shine.

New Hope is always looking for volunteers to share their gifts with us as well. We specifically have a need for people to help with arts, crafts, music and games at our three-day services locations. We have many other opportunities, so if you have a gift you’d like to share, please contact Kathe Rae. Thank you to all of our current volunteers for sharing their gifts with those we serve!

I also want to acknowledge and thank three gifted board members whose board terms have expired: Donna Cameron, Tami Mantsch and John Bloom. They have been wonderful board members, two have been on the board for nine years. We will miss their gifts around our board table. We have three new board members that we are excited to welcome to the board: Patricia Gamble-Moore, Denise Irons and Jayme Donnelson. They will begin their term in July and I am sure they will have their own gifts to bring to New Hope!

Thank you to the Thomas P. and Sondra D. Sheehan Charitable Foundation, a partner of Legacy Fund Community Foundation, who gave New Hope a literal gift of $30,000 for a vehicle for AIM: Achieving Inclusion and Meaning. This is our new community-based transition services program that is for young adults leaving high school. This vehicle helps eliminate the transportation barrier for getting into the community. Look for this exciting new program to begin mid-August. If you know of anyone who might be interested in participating in AIM, please contact Amy Flint.

Thanks again for all you do for New Hope of Indiana and for sharing your gifts with us.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Allison Wharry, CEO

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