A Note from Allison: Onward

A Note from Allison: Onward

Happy New Year!

If you’re feeling at all like I am, you are probably counting down the days to the new year with anticipation for better times to come. This year has been tremendously challenging and has brought with it much stress, uncertainty and sorrow. I am so relieved that 2020 is finally coming to an end and that we can begin to look forward to 2021 with wishes of hope, healing and unity.

Even though 2020 has been tough – very tough – there have been many bright lights. The first was, and still is, New Hope’s hundreds of frontline caregivers: DSPs, Team Leaders, Managers, nurses, behavior consultants and dozens of behind-the-scenes supporters that have stepped up in amazingly creative and unexpected ways. This year, New Hope also became one of the first newly accredited agencies of United Way of Central Indiana in over 15 years and was named an IndyStar Top Workplace for the second year in a row. New Hope created new, virtual opportunities for associates and individuals served to receive services, connect and continue to grow together. This includes virtual behavior services; virtual music and recreation therapy; a new book club; movie night; Kiwanis bingo games; countless parties; crafts and now even Day Services. This year we announced the first recipient of the Lynn Feldman & Kathe Rae Direct Support Professional (DSP) of the Year Award, Jonel Foreste, after his 20+ years of dedicated commitment to the individuals we serve. New Hope also supported over 65 associates with interest-free emergency loans to relieve some of the financial stress caused by the pandemic. We launched New Hope’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee to create a space for associates at all organizational levels to share their voices. Most recently, we hired a Development Director, Jenny Pfeil, to grow New Hope’s fundraising efforts into a sustainable and diverse program.

I was recently asked to find one word to describe my hopes and goals for 2021. My word was simple: onward. The first way we will move onward is with the vaccine. We are hopeful that all consenting direct care staff and individuals served will have both necessary vaccines by the end of March. This will begin to change the way we deliver services and take the great worry away from individuals served, staff and families. We also need to look onward to see where New Hope wants to be as an organization a year from now and what (if anything) needs to be changed or rearranged to get us there. In case you are interested, the leadership team at New Hope shared their own “one word” and here they are: Peace, Realign, Steadfast, Challenge, Reunite, Healing, Undaunted, Focus, Thrive, Disciplined, and Commitment. This gives you a little insight into the amazing team here at New Hope!

As we move onward, one thing will not change and that is New Hope’s devotion to the importance of our mission. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our most vulnerable neighbors; we are grateful for the many under-recognized caregivers who serve them; and we are grateful for friends of New Hope who continue to support our mission. We are also grateful for you! Thank you to everyone reading this message. We would not be the outstanding organization we are without your support! I hope that you’ll continue to support the valuable and vital programs offered by New Hope of Indiana as we say goodbye to the crazy year behind us and find our way in 2021.

Cheers to you and Happy New Year!

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