A Note from Allison: New Hope Stories

A Note from Allison: New Hope Stories

Spring Greetings from New Hope of Indiana!

I am thankful for every day that we have sunshine and no rain or snow! I am also thankful for the sunshine we see in the faces of the people that we serve and our associates every day. New Hope is such a joyful place. It is hard to understand unless you experience it, so please come for a visit!

You are also invited to come to our first Silver Cup Celebration on May 3 from 11:30 to 1:00 at the Willows on Westfield. Tickets are on sale until Friday, April 26th, so there is still a little time to buy a seat for $40. At the luncheon you will be able to see the talent of our clients and the love of our associates and families.

As you probably know, New Hope is celebrating its 40th anniversary throughout 2018. This month we are celebrating our New Hope stories. You can imagine the great stories that have been shared about our 40 years of hope. I am new to New Hope, but I have already witnessed many great stories. Here are a couple:

• A young man in our Vocational Services program had a job at Kroger, but his real goal was to work at the fashion mall. Through the help of New Hope he was able to get that job. It was the first time this store had ever hired anyone with a disability and now the company is encouraging other stores all over the country to hire people with disabilities!
• Another young client wanted to learn to play baseball. With the help of not only her recreation therapist but other staff at New Hope, she learned to use a wiffle ball and bat. She has had great contact! My favorite part of the story was when her proud mom told me about it, she said that her daughter learned using the “skinny bat, not the fat one!”

Do you have a New Hope story to share? We are collecting stories from all, please send us yours. Thank you for being part of New Hope’s past, present and future!

I hope to see you at our Silver Cup Celebration!
Allison Wharry, CEO

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