A Note from Allison: New Hope is a Top Workplace!

A Note from Allison: New Hope is a Top Workplace!

Have you heard the news?

New Hope was honored by being named an Indy Star Top Workplace! This distinction was earned thanks to our associates recognizing that we were top in eight areas related to workplace culture: alignment, connection, effectiveness, my manager, engagement, leadership and the basics including pay, benefits and flexibility.

We thank our associates who work hard every day to provide a better life to all those we serve. We thank our supervisors/managers for their awesome leadership each day. We thank our board who are mission driven and provide thoughtful direction. And last but certainly not least, we thank those who we serve, they inspire and motivate us each day to do our best work. Servant leadership is not just a term at New Hope it is lived each day at every site, every business office and in our community.

The New Hope board of directors recently approved a new vision statement for New Hope that becomes effective July 1. As you can read, for the first time it provides for both the people New Hope serves and its associates:

New Hope of Indiana will thrive as a mission-driven organization, living our core values and providing holistic services to persons with disabilities and those in need of support. We will be recognized as a community resource and a strong advocate in Indiana for persons with disabilities and their families. We will expand services offered to people of all ages to build a more inclusive community where all are welcomed, valued and living their best life. We will recognize our associates for their unwavering commitment to service every day and we will commit to provide them with resources to be successful both personally and professionally.

A new Mission Statement was also approved, and I am proud to report that it is lived out every day at New Hope:

New Hope of Indiana is a leader in providing holistic services and resources to persons with disabilities and their families while advocating to advance the opportunities for those in need of support.

What a great time it is to be part of New Hope of Indiana! I hope that you can see from this month’s Heartbeat that great things are happening here. Thank you for your part in making New Hope the organization that it is today!


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