A Note from Allison: My Proud Look

A Note from Allison: My Proud Look

My mom had something we called her “proud look.” When any of her children or grandchildren did something that made her proud, we saw it before she ever said anything. Sometimes she would text me if I could not see her, “I have my proud look on!” Today, if I have my own proud look, I surely have it on just thinking about #TeamNewHope!

You may have already read that New Hope is an IndyStar Top Workplace for 2022 and that it is the fourth year in a row that we have garnered this honor! I continue to be so proud because, I am not going to lie, three of the four years have been HARD friends! New Hope hung in there and really rose to the occasion, associates, individuals served, families, volunteers and friends alike.

COVID was extremely rough on New Hope. But thanks to everyone and #TeamNewHope’s resilience, we are slowly, but surely, bouncing back! Unfortunately, COVID is not over and we are experiencing a bit of an uptick right now; however there is no comparison to two years ago. Ninety-three percent of our associates and 100% of our individuals served are vaccinated; we have plenty of PPE and know how to use it; we are more able to make quick health and safety decisions and we have all-around better information.

We are looking forward to summer and our first Camp Catalyst at the end of June. We are also looking forward to our Food Truck rolling again and we need to hire a food truck supervisor. If you know someone that may be interested in Camp Catalyst or the food truck position, have them contact Kathy Ballard at kballard@newhopeofindiana.org. We are also always looking for good DSPs, if you know anyone, please have them apply online.

Have a good June. If you see me around Payne Road and I look different, it is my proud look. I don’t think I will be taking it off any time soon!

Take care and stay healthy-

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