A Note from Allison: March 2024

A Note from Allison: March 2024

I hope you like the new layout for The New Hope Heartbeat this month! I think it looks great and I thank Maddie Bulkley, New Hope’s Communication and Engagement Specialist, who has been hard at work refreshing this publication and getting our new website up and running as well – check it out, too!!

I was very moved last week by New Hope’s intern from Pike High School. At the end of her internship, she had to give us a presentation about her time with New Hope. Her presentation was excellent, but what really blew me away was how tuned in she is to bias, particularly bias to people with disabilities. Our intern came to New Hope thinking she was bias-free towards people with disabilities. However, once she started, she realized that she was biased, not against people with disabilities, but in wanting to overhelp them. And by overhelping, she realized she was in some ways disabling them more.

Also last week, I received a video from a New Hope board member who is also a mother of an individual with disabilities. She expressed how powerful the video is and how, although made for Down’s Syndrome Day, it applies to all individuals with disabilities. (note: this video is for adults)

March is Disabilities Awareness Month, and I think the point our intern was making, the point our mom and board member makes, the point the video makes and what we believe at New Hope is that everyone needs to be aware that people with disabilities are like you and me. We each need to be met as individuals without a preconceived bias of our abilities and assume we can! 

As you can see from this Heartbeat, New Hope was busy during March! Thanks to everyone who helped make this month so special. It really takes a village around here! 

Unfortunately, we lost two additional members of our village this month. Susan Sheffler and Kevin Munas recently passed away.  Our village continues to be in pain with all of these deaths. It reminds us that many of the individuals we serve are very vulnerable and life is very short.  Please continue to pray for New Hope.

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