A Note from Allison: March 2023

A Note from Allison: March 2023

I wrote my Heartbeat column before learning of the tragedy in Nashville yesterday. It is hard to imagine the grief felt by the families impacted there. We pray for them and everyone affected by yesterday’s event and the  many other tragedies throughout our country and world.

I hope by reading this edition of The Heartbeat you can tell what an amazing month we have had around New Hope! Our 45th Anniversary was a special and fun day as you can see! I think anniversaries are a wonderful time to pause and reflect on the people and history of New Hope. When I speak of people, I speak of the individuals we serve and have served, their families, our staff throughout the years, the Daughters of Charity, St. Vincent, our volunteers, board members, health care providers and all the unsung heroes I have failed to mention.  You may have seen that New Hope staff and clients all have new t-shirts that say #45YearsofHope.  This is what New Hope has been for all of us! Hope for each other and for the organization to continue to thrive. 

Did you also see our new logo and read our mission, vision and purpose statements?  I will admit, I did not really see the need for a new logo, however; I now admit, I was wrong!  The new logo is great, and it feels like New Hope!  I hope you like it too! 

Speaking of new, the New Hope Board of Directors is in the process of working on our new 3-year strategic plan.  We have been working under a one-year operating plan as we navigated the end of the pandemic. The new strategic plan will be available in May to anyone who is interested in reading it.  After three years of COVID, it is wonderful to plan the next three years without the restrictions we all have been living under!  This includes the mask mandate, which officially went away on March 19th.  We still need people to be safe by testing and wearing a mask when they don’t feel good, but it feels amazing to be able to see everyone’s smiles again! 

New Hope is excited to move into the future, and we are looking forward to #45MoreYearsofHope! 

Thank you for your support in our past, present and future! 


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