A Note from Allison: June 2024

A Note from Allison: June 2024

What do you say about Kathy Ballard, Director of Community Outreach, who will be retiring from New Hope on Friday after serving here for 24 years and in the industry for many more?

Here are some thoughts I have:  she is a loving trailblazer who wants to do the right thing for every living person, animal and plant. She is deeply caring and compassionate! She loves her family and her team!  She is smart, charismatic and fun! She is a visionary who loves planning new programs that will benefit individuals with disabilities. She is a wife, mom, grandma and PhD.  She is leaving a legacy of love.

When asked about her legacy, she says she wants to leave a legacy of love and that she hopes she has led people to “embrace differences and understand why differences are so important.” She has.

We will all miss Kathy at New Hope but are excited for her and for her retirement! Kathy will be succeeded by the extremely capable (and loving) Amanda Boyd, who has been mentored by Kathy for years and has managed both the day services program and the AIM program as well as recreation and music therapy over the years.  Amanda started New Hope’s Camp Catalyst and runs New Hope’s Aktion Club.  Like her predecessor, she will be a great New Hope leader!

Please join me in wishing Kathy the best retirement ever (she will by taking care of her third grandchild, who is just a few months old) and thank her for all she has done for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout her career! What a legacy she is leaving, and that legacy will have a ripple effect throughout New Hope of Indiana!

In other news, today, we are onboarding three new Board members who will officially join the Board on July 1st: Loraine Brown, Tim Cook, Shaunna Redd and Chip Wood.  We are excited to see them join but are also very sorry to have three members leave the board after long and successful tenures:  Jayme Donnelson, Pat Gamble-Moore and Gretchen Sussman.  Thank you so much to these amazing leaders who have brought so much to the Board and New Hope of Indiana as a whole.  You are each leaving a legacy as well, and we are so appreciative of your service!

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