A Note from Allison: It is always New Hope of Indiana Day in our minds!

A Note from Allison: It is always New Hope of Indiana Day in our minds!

Happy Anniversary, New Hope of Indiana!

My heart is full as I look back on New Hope’s 40th Anniversary month. It is hard to believe that 40 years ago New Hope officially opened its doors on Payne Road and thirteen clients, four associates and two doctors are still here today to tell the stories! I think the Indianapolis Star summed it up well in its headline the day after our anniversary party, New Hope is “A Present that has Lasted 40 Years”! Check out the full story and some beautiful photos on the IndyStar’s website.

Thank you to our Class of ’78!

Our clients in order of arrival at New Hope: Geraldine Keeling, Terri Hopson, Lynn Brown, Alan Vinson, Peggy Bland, William Webster, Joni Eaton, Bonnie Hasemeyer, Bill Samaras, Rick Borkowski, Marcia Carithers, Jeff Konrady, Pam Gavin and Sandy Fries.

The associates still serving today: Dorothy Nowlin-Love, Lynn Feldman, Nancy Stamm and Susan Robinson.

Our medical director, Dr. Daniel Shull and our psychologist, Dr. Pat Wagner have also been with us for 40 years!

New Hope has been so blessed to serve and be served by you. Thank you also to our wonderful anniversary committee led by Amy Flint that put together this celebration. And thanks to all of you who attended the event! We had a wonderful crowd of new and old faces, everyone happy to celebrate New Hope’s rich history and hopeful future! It was also great to have the Daughters of Charity back in our halls once again.

As part of National Disability Awareness Month, New Hope was especially honored to have Mayor Joe Hogsett proclaim March 13, 2018 as New Hope of Indiana Day! We were grateful to have the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, Thomas Cook, here to make the presentation. Thomas is the son of Steve Cook, New Hope’s former Executive Director. It was very touching to have Steve introduce his son and for both of them to tell the audience the impact that New Hope has had on their lives.

If you were not able to come to our 40th Anniversary Celebration, you can view the program on our Facebook page. We also want to invite you to our first New Hope of Indiana Silver Cup Celebration fundraiser on May 3rd, or just come for a visit.

It is always New Hope of Indiana Day in our minds!
Allison Wharry, CEO

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