A Note from Allison: February 2024

A Note from Allison: February 2024

If you have been reading this column for a while now, you know I often start it out with Happy February or Happy Spring. Unfortunately, New Hope is not so happy right now. As I told our board, we are a little down in the dumps. As you will read in Remembering Our Friends, we have lost three wonderful members of our New Hope community. Bill Samaras was a former board member of New Hope who we served for over 45 years, Willie Daniels had been with New Hope for 25 years and had a smile that could light up any room, and Ryan Roesler, our HR assistant, who suddenly passed at 46 years old – way too young. Because of Ryan’s duties, he touched each of us with his loving spirit. These deaths have been very hard on #TeamNewHope.

With this sadness, we still managed to celebrate. We kicked off Black History Month with our Traditional African Dress Parade in Day Services. Thank you to Musulyn Travers and Blessing Ugwuanyi for organizing this now-favorite event for all. Thank you also to everyone who participated. It is always so fun to see everyone in their finery! The individuals in Day Services love it too! They especially like dancing and parading! Speaking of dancing, Valentine’s Day gave us another reason to party and dance, which we had lots of fun doing.

While we danced, 13 individuals were at the Statehouse discussing the needs of the disability community with the Indiana General Assembly! I am so proud of them for their advocacy! Throughout March, we will be celebrating Disabilities Awareness Month. On March 6th, please join us for breakfast and to learn more about New Hope and our Art Therapy Program. You can check out the flyer here.

Also in March, the Indianapolis International Airport will celebrate Disabilities Awareness Month with its second Art Show for individuals with disabilities. Several New Hope individuals will participate again this year. Thanks to New Hope Board Member, Bill Stinson, for making this show a reality! If you are traveling via airplane in March, be sure to take some time to look at the exhibit in the main concourse of the airport.

Let’s also pray that this March will be a better one for all of us at #TeamNewHope!

Thank you for your support-


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