A Note from Allison: Celebrate DSPs

A Note from Allison: Celebrate DSPs

Happy Hot August!

As a parent, others will tell you that the days are long, but the months are quick. That has certainly been true at New Hope this year. Each day has brought new challenges and opportunities for us to grow in our mission, but the busy pace of the day-to-day has made the months go by so quickly. I can hardly believe that August is coming to an end!

While this summer wasn’t quite normal, we’ve been happy to find the small pleasures of life still make us smile. The individuals we serve have enjoyed afternoons in the garden, connecting with friends and family and exploring new outdoor places in our community. I’m grateful for all of the dedicated caregivers who have worked tirelessly to ensure each of the individuals we serve stay happy and healthy enough to enjoy these things.

And speaking of dedicated caregivers, DSP Week is September 14-20th. Please take the time to thank the wonderful DSPs working so selflessly to provide loving and dedicated service to all the individuals entrusted to New Hope of Indiana. New Hope has the best DSPs in the business, some who have been working here for over 20 years. We think they are amazing all of the time, but this year more then ever, they have demonstrated that they are exceptional! New Hope’s loving and strong DSPs have been caring for New Hope individuals throughout the COVID crisis, and New Hope could not have done it without them. Thank you DSPs!!

Many of you might check the Indiana State Department of Health COVID-19 Dashboard daily. COVID-19 seems to be retreating a bit in our State which is great news! We hope that back to school will not spike these numbers so that the state, city and New Hope can get “Back on Track” again. Until that happens, New Hope will be standing strong with its current policies.

Thank you to all of our New Hope families for their support, especially over the last several months. Everyone has been understanding as we continue to make hard decisions about how to best serve the individuals in New Hope’s care.

We hope you all have a good end to your summer, continue to wear your masks and thank our DSPs.

Take care,

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