A Note From Allison: August 2022

A Note From Allison: August 2022


Thanks to many of you reading this note, New Hope has had a great month of August!  As you can see from the other Heartbeat articles, the 5th Annual Silver Cup Celebration was an amazing success!  I cannot possibly thank everyone who supported this event enough!  It really does take a village to put on the Silver Cup! Thanks to Jenny Pfeil, New Hope’s Development Director, and her committee; event sponsors, table captains, our volunteers for the event; our board; donors; silent auction bidders; and program participants! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Connecting Passion into Potential was this year’s Silver Cup theme, and there is so much passion and potential at New Hope!  I am so lucky to be a part of it every day! One of the highlights of the Silver Cup was a short concert by a group of individuals who are served by New Hope:  Mike Silver, Cindy Twig, and Robert Hooey.  Robert was the amazing soloist and was amazing!  Robert’s passion is singing, especially Sandy Patty songs.  Not only does he know every song that Sandy Patty has ever written by heart, but he also knows where they were written and the story around their writing.  Robert also attends Sandy Patty concerts whenever he is able.

One of my passion’s is advocacy for the individuals and families we serve as well as individuals with disabilities throughout our state.  For many years now, I have served as chair of the INARF Governmental Affairs Committee.  This committee sets the legislative agenda for disability providers and helps advocate for it during the Indiana Legislative Session.  Last week INARF recognized Representative Greg Porter as its Legislator of the Year.  This is significant because Representative Porter was a long-time Board Member of New Hope of Indiana.  I had the opportunity to introduce him and thank him for all he has done over his career for individuals with disabilities, their families and those that serve them so faithfully.

As I write this, I am very excited because we have new individuals in the building!  Today is the first day that the individuals served at Castleton Day Services moved into the building at Payne Road.  Not into current Payne Road space but new space on the south side of the building that was currently being lightly used as drop in space.  We at Payne Road love having individuals served here!  We know it was a hard move and hard to change space after over five years in Castleton, so we thank everyone involved in the move!

I wish you all a great Labor Day Weekend!  We have lots going on in September that I will be excited to report to you next month!

Take care-


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