A Note from Allison: April 2024

A Note from Allison: April 2024

I was given a gift yesterday.

Andrew Adeniyi, New Hope’s DEIA consultant, wanted to come meet clients and associates at New Hope. Nothing formal, just walking around and saying hello, getting the feel for New Hope.

How was that a gift?

I was able to see New Hope through his eyes. We are very busy here. Sometimes, in our day-to-day work, we don’t get to see how truly AMAZING this place is! But yesterday, I took a minute to just walk around, see the smiles, get the hugs, introduce Andrew to some of the truly best people I have ever met!

I was so proud!

So proud of the people here, ALL the people here! So proud of our work, so proud of our history, so proud of our love and care! Great things are happening and have always happened at New Hope! Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to remind us of what is in front of us every day! Thank you, Andrew, and thank you #TeamNewHope!

Writing this reminds me of the Indy 500. Huh? You ask.

I love going to the race with new people. Just like being with Andrew at New Hope, you see the race fresh again with new eyes: the speed, the sound, the pageantry. My daughter is bringing five friends from five states home to take it all in! I am so looking forward to sharing the greatest spectacle in racing with them just like I shared the greatest not-for-profit with Andrew yesterday!

The month of May is so exciting at New Hope! We kick off the month with visits from 500 Festival princesses and pace cars, something we look forward to annually. Thanks to Bill Ray and our team, we will also take over 100 people to the track the week before the race. It starts with breakfast, and it is an all-day affair! It is an event people look forward to every year, and it has been going on for over 20 years!

Thanks to the 500 Festival, over 60 individuals and staff will get to attend the 500 Festival Parade, complete with a police escort! Thanks to everyone who makes the month of May so special at New Hope!

I hope that you get to see things with fresh eyes in May and for the rest of the year!

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