A Note from Allison: A Month of Celebrations

A Note from Allison: A Month of Celebrations

Happy spring, friends!

This month was full of celebration! March is Disability Awareness Month, Social Work Month, and New Hope’s birthday. As our organization marked 43 years of service to the disability community, we shared a simple but hopeful message: the future is looking bright!

A year ago New Hope and the rest of the world took cover as we prepared for the arrival of coronavirus in our lives. Today, I’m so happy to say that nearly 100% individuals served in congregate settings and over 60% of New Hope associates have received at least one of their COVID-19 vaccines. Individuals served will receive their second vaccine this week as will many associates. We are beginning to see the light at the end of the pandemic! Thank you so much for your continued support as we have navigated through the uncertainty of the last year!! While the pandemic has brought many challenges, it has also brought us closer as a community. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Not only have you supported our COVID-19 relief efforts, you have also been great advocates for the individuals we serve and their families. This month, we asked you to raise you voice for those who go unheard in honor of Developmental Disability Awareness Month. Thank you to the New Hope families, clients and volunteers who shared their stories with us this month like the Smollen Family. You can find more of these stories on our Facebook page.

We also celebrated the eight special individuals who have been served by New Hope for over 40 years. Thank you to each of them for allowing us to share in their lives for so long! These individuals are added to the many others who have already joined the 40 Year Club.

•John Frazier
Kevin Furgason
Brad Mifflin
Don Rice
David Sklan
Delisha Webster
Jeff Yeiter
Blanchy Young

I also want to thank you if you have reached out to anyone in the Indiana General Assembly regarding the waiver rate increase that will be passed on to DSPs! This increase was part of the State’s budget bill as it passed out of the House and we believe it will stay in when it is passed out of the Senate! We have always known that our amazing DSPs have been underpaid, but during the pandemic it has become even more apparent. If you have not written your legislator, you can contact your Senator easily via email using INARF’s Voter Voice platform. Thank you for your support! We will know more about the increase at the end of April.

Once again, I cannot thank you enough for your continued support through the pandemic. We could not have done it without our amazing staff, our amazing families, our amazing board and you!
Take care and enjoy the spring.


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