A Jill of all Trades

25 Feb A Jill of all Trades

Creativity has no limits, and that is certainly evident with Lori Eichenberger. Lori was born with a genetic eye disease, called Retinitis Pigmentosa, but was not diagnosed until her teen years, when her sight began to rapidly decline. As Lori became an adult, she lost most of her sight and now can only recognize some shapes and colors. However, that has not stopped her desire and ability to have a meaningful, creative and fun life through her art, activities and relationships.

It was when Lori was in her med 30’s that she started learning how to knit and crochet, from her grandmother. She was soon making afghans, baby blankets and booties, shawls, hats, pot holders and even purses. She is proud to have donated many of the baby items to hospitals for newborns. Her needlework is clearly a passion, but her artistic abilities do not stop there. In NHI’s art therapy program, coordinated by Lyndi Grubb, Lori has learned how to do ceramics and mosaics. With just a little assistance, her sight challenges do not hinder her creativity and determination. Recently she has been helping with special mosaic items for the upcoming Silver Cup Celebration in April.

In addition to her art, Lori is involved in many other activities. She is a charter member of New Hope’s Aktion Club and currently serves as President. She loves to sing and is a member of the client choir. She also enjoys the book club and doing crafts with Kim Hubbs in Day Services, going to parks, bowling, shopping, the library as well as listening to books on tape. She really enjoys living with her housemates at Providence Group Home, especially Teresa, as they often help each other out. Lori is very close to her brother, Mike, and stays in touch with him.

Thanks to Lori for allowing New Hope to help her explore her talent, creativity and individuality in so many imaginative ways!

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