A Doctor’s Service

A Doctor’s Service

New Hope clients, associates, volunteers and Board members would like to thank Dr. Ken Krueger for his faithful service as a New Hope Board member for nine years and would like to wish him well in his future endeavors. Dr. Krueger has been instrumental in ensuring organizational integrity and governance continuity before, during and following New Hope’s transition from the St. Vincent New Hope era to the New Hope of Indiana era. Moreover, he has also consistently advocated for the best interests our clients and has always displayed the utmost care and concern for New Hope associates.

Before Dr. Krueger became a Board member, he was already impacting lives at New Hope by providing regular podiatry care for our individuals. We are glad that he will continue to provide care to New Hope individuals at his regular clinics. New Hope has become a family affair for Dr. Krueger and his wife, Elaine. For the last several years, Elaine has been an integral part of the New Hope team as a Behavior Consultant. Thank you, Dr. Krueger for sharing Elaine with us!

Again, thank you, Dr. Krueger, for being committed to New Hope’s Mission and Vision and demonstrating daily the Core Values of Service, Reverence, Integrity, Wisdom, Creativity and Dedication. We can’t express enough of our deepest gratitude to Dr. Krueger for his years of devotion and service to New Hope of Indiana.

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