A Career Full of Smiles

A Career Full of Smiles

New Hope client Peggy Sales spent the last two decades helping others at her job at Walgreens where she cleaned, stocked shelves and helped out wherever she was needed. The most rewarding part of her job, though, was sharing a smile with someone else. Anyone who knows Peggy knows that she is full of joy! She enjoys sharing that joy with others in her everyday life and especially enjoyed doing so at her job.

Recently, Peggy retired after 25 years on the job at Walgreens. While she’ll miss her coworkers (and the extra money!), she is looking forward to spending more time doing the things she loves. Outside of work, Peggy enjoys spending time with her housemates and her family, spending time each weekend with her parents. “I like to go to Holiday Park with Elaine. I can’t go now cause of the sickness. I like to do crafts, sewing, knitting and sometimes watch TV. My soap opera on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I tape it.”

This fall, you might catch Peggy watching the Colts with her friend Jenny or helping her housemate Linda pick out her outfit for the day. She’ll also be starting to make Christmas presents for all of her family and friends before the holidays arrive, because even outside of her job, Peggy wants to spread her joy!

We are so proud to serve Peggy and to have been a small part of her employment journey. We are looking forward to recognizing National Disability Employment Awareness Month in October and sharing more stories like Peggy’s. Follow us on Facebook @NewHopeIndy to learn more.

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