2023 New Hope Award Winners

2023 New Hope Award Winners

New Hope is grateful to have wonderful associates and partners who make a difference every day for the individuals we support. Each year, we recognize three Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who go above and beyond in their care and compassion for the individuals they serve. We recognize a non-DSP associate who has gone above and beyond their call of duty in support of those they serve.  We also recognize a volunteer and partner who have been advocates for and supporters of those served by New Hope.  This year, New Hope also introduced a brand-new award called the Personal Achievement Award. This award will be presented every year to an individual served by New Hope who maximizes their skills and abilities to achieve their goals. 

Take a look at the amazing 2023 New Hope Award winners! 

Partner in Service Award: PNC Bank 

PNC has supported individuals with disabilities as a partner of New Hope of Indiana for over 6 years. Through volunteering, board service, financial gifts and in-kind support, PNC has been a strong partner to New Hope and those we serve.  

One example of PNC’s support came during the pandemic. When New Hope needed to transition to tele-health, PNC donated money to New Hope for the purchase of laptops and tablets, allowing individuals served by New Hope to remain connected with family, friends and caregivers. It made a big difference during a very difficult time. Thank you, PNC! 

Beverly Dyken Volunteer of the Year Award: Kathe Rae 

After working at New Hope for nearly 38 years, Kathe retired in 2019. However, Kathe remains dedicated to New Hope and the individuals we serve. She truly cares for them and provides opportunities to participate in activities that allow individuals to build their skills, be social and have fun! 

Most Wednesdays, Kathe can be found volunteering with New Hope’s Day Services where she leads a variety of activities such as baking and crafting. She established the Garden Club where she teaches individuals served by New Hope how to grow and harvest vegetables and keep them weeded and watered. When it’s harvest time, she enjoys working with friends in Day Services to use the fresh vegetables to make salsa. 

Kathe also shares her love of New Hope with others. She encourages them to get involved and volunteer with her! We are grateful to you, Kathe!

Lynn Feldman & Kathe Rae DSP of the Year Award: Janet Famewo 

The Lynn Feldman & Kathe Rae DSP of the Year Award is presented each year to a Direct Support Professional (DSP) who provides direct care to those we serve and who exemplifies and carries out our mission in everything they do. This year’s DSP of the Year is Janet Famewo. 

Janet has served as a DSP at New Hope for almost eight years. During her tenure, she has been a champion for the individuals she serves through compassionate care and staunch advocacy for the disability community. 

Janet is the definition of person-centered. She is curious and dedicated, asks each individual she serves for their opinion and listens to their needs and desires. Janet is always willing to lend a hand. She will pick up full and partial shifts when help is needed and offers her insight on what works best for the individuals she serves. We are honored to present Janet with this well-deserved award! Congrats Janet! 

Community Outreach DSP of the Year: LaShawnda Gray 

Lashawnda Gray has served New Hope individuals for over six years. She began serving in Day Services and currently serves in our Achieving Inclusion and Meaning (AIM) program. Lashawnda exemplifies New Hope’s core values of service, dedication, commitment, creativity, reverence, wisdom, integrity and inclusivity. 

Lashawnda is a team player. She works diligently to get to know the individuals served and genuinely cares about their interests and needs. She plays games, exercises, and actively participates with AIM participants in community activities, recreation and education programs. Lashawnda assists individuals with learning about and feeling a part of the community. She demonstrates social skills and looks for ways to help individuals grow while allowing them to feel comfortable and safe. Lashawnda shows great leadership and teaching abilities in her interactions with the individuals she supports.  

New Hope is honored to celebrate Lashawnda Gray as the Community Outreach DSP of the Year! 

Supported Living DSP of the Year: Linda Griffiths 

On August 10th, Linda Griffiths will celebrate 25 years with New Hope! Linda exemplifies New Hope’s core values of service, dedication, commitment, creativity, reverence, wisdom, integrity and inclusivity. 

Linda is selfless and person-centered.  She understands the importance of the work she does and how a positive attitude impacts the lives of the individuals she serves. She is always smiling and laughing.  

Linda ensures that the individuals she supports are active. She searches for activities in the community for them to participate in and experience. The individuals she supports are proud of their home, which Linda has helped make inviting and beautiful. She has completed landscaping with beautiful flowers and assists the individuals in planting a garden.  

Linda is the first to step in when an individual needs to go to an appointment or an activity. She uses her 23+ years of experience to make the clients’ lives full of fun and laughter. She takes on any task with excitement and works tirelessly to improve the lives of those around her. She is an active member in New Hope’s Aktion Club and volunteers her time with things such as bake sales and tasks related to activities. 

New Hope is proud to recognize Linda Griffiths as the 2023 SLP DSP of the Year! 

Champion of Hope Award: Betsy Gorman 

The Champion of Hope award is presented to a staff person who has gone above and beyond their call of duty in support of those they serve. This year’s Champion of Hope is Betsy Gorman. 

Betsy has been a consistent, positive presence at New Hope of Indiana for over 14 years! She is a Team Leader in New Hope’s Supported Living Program and leads with humility, humor and grace. Betsy is supportive of her teams and is always looking for a way to give back to the individuals. She is kind, supportive, understanding, calm, consistent, reliable and dedicated. As an example, early in the COVID pandemic, Betsy jumped right in and did not hesitate to provide care to individuals who were COVID positive. 

Betsy is also a leader in New Hope’s Kiwanis Aktion Club where individuals we support can build leadership skills and fundraise for various nonprofits in Indianapolis. She empowers the individuals in this club to be themselves, work together with friends and implement change through action. Betsy is a champion of New Hope, using each opportunity to help the individuals she serves live their best lives. Congrats Betsy! 

Personal Achievement Award: Bryan Ballard 

The New Hope of Indiana Personal Achievement Award is presented to an individual served by New Hope who maximizes their skills and abilities to achieve their goals. This year’s Personal Achievement Award winner is Bryan Ballard.  

Bryan is a self-advocate and advocate for all individuals at New Hope and in the disability community. Bryan is living his best life through participating in New Hope’s AIM program, working at the Bottleworks Hotel, living on his own and attending Comic Con events. He recently celebrated living independently in his own home for over 10 years! 

Bryan doesn’t meet a stranger and he shares his story with others. He is always encouraging those around him to achieve their goals. Bryan continually searches for more ways to be independent and involved with his community. We are proud to present him with the 2023 Personal Achievement Award. Way to go Bryan! 

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